The plastic waste transformation opportunity


Soleco Energy Inc.  is a producer of alternative fuels. We use an innovative pyrolysis process to produce low sulfur e-diesel and specialized oils, recovering and transforming non-recyclable plastics.

Soleco implements environmentally sustainable solutions to the current plastic waste management problem. The technology can divert over 50% of the non-recyclable plastics being landfilled and incinerated, and produce high-value products. It answers the need for an alternative fuel that does not; stem from virgin fossil resources, demand direct or indirect land use, compete with food production.

Soleco Energy’s primary goal is to help communities worldwide manage plastic waste more efficiently. 

Advanced clean technologies to reduce plastic pollution


Plastic waste management is a global issue; it has environmental, health, economic, and political implications. We produce some 350 million tons of plastics every year; about 250 million ends up in landfills or the environment and 10 million in oceans.

The durability and poor biodegradability of plastic waste allows for its constant accumulation in landfills and the environment.

Soleco Energy’s innovative process transforms non-recyclable plastics into a high-quality fuels and specialized oils, it revalues plastic waste, eliminates its volume, and is the perfect partner to the global recycling effort.

Regional solutions to a global problem


Soleco Energy offers a solution to the environmental problems related to our current production methods and plastic material landfill practices. Soleco Energy’s business model enables the deployment of solutions adapted to regional conditions for optimal management of plastic waste.

We participate in regional economic development through direct jobs creation and mobilization of local economic stakeholders.

Soleco Energy wants to be a catalyst for the necessary transition towards sustainable economic development models and tackle the problem of climate change head-on.

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